Property Investments: Development, Construction & Portfolio Management Services
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Our Services

Know more about our offerings
Construction project management

Any construction project is a complicated process with many people and parties involved.


We can make the experience seamless and stress -free from start to finish, saving you time and money.

Property development

We are actively looking for development opportunities.We focus on creating high quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance long lasting accommodation.

Wherever possible, we will prioritize redeveloping an existing property rather than reducing the green spaces by new-builds.

Property Investment

Each project provides different opportunities and therefore different terms can be offered and negotiated with the vendor and the investors.

We carefully assess each opportunity making sure as many potential risks as possible have been identified and dealt with. Our aim is to provide a win-win scenario.

Rental Portfolio

We keep all our tenants happy by providing high quality accommodation at affordable rents. Our properties are regularly maintained and meet all the legal requirements.


We offer accommodation in East and SE London: 6-bedroom 6 bathroom student HMO; Two 2 bedroom flats; Self contained studio managed directly by us

What can we help with

Helping to choose the right specialists:

Surveys (drainage CCTV, asbestos, bats, etc.)


Interior designer

Party wall surveyor

Structural engineer